Ensuring Your Success

We believe that purchasing a great system is only half a solution. Service and support are equally important, perhaps more so. At least that’s what our many long-term customers tell us. They say it’s the real, live, helpful person answering the telephone when they call in for support that really matters. MATE PCS is committed to quality customer support. It started back in 1991, and it’s still the way we do business.

MATE PCS’ goal is to grow with your company through a long-term partnership. As part of this philosophy, our support services and training programs are cost-effectively delivered to ensure critical knowledge transfer to your enterprise.

Implementation Planning and Project Management

The first step to ensuring your success is to work with you to plan out all the activities that we, as a team, need to take to implement GP MaTe. These activities will depend upon many factors, including your desired work flow, optional modules purchased, existing data availability and interfaces to external systems.

Whether it is through an informal set of discussions with your project manager, or a more formal project task, MATE PCS is available to work with your project team to help you lay out the tasks required to fully implement the system.

Training Programs

MATE PCS offers a wide range of training programs and approaches to meet your needs. From several days on site to web delivered content, we can meet your staff training needs and schedule for start up training and long term training support.

Data Collection and Conversion

Starting up an EAMS system is often very data intensive. We have tried to reduce this effort in several ways.

GP MaTe is able to function with limited data sets. There are only a few data elements required for each object in the system. For example, an Equipment Record only requires three data elements (ID, Equipment Type, and Description). However, other elements can be added at any time in the future to enable additional functions or provide additional information to users.

Also, as the system is used, data will be added to these objects, in effect learning with use. For example, if you need to purchase a spare part from an alternate vendor, the system will add that vendor to the spare part record automatically, along with the price paid and lead time.

Secondly, we offer data collection spreadsheets that can be used by your staff to collect information on equipment, inventory, preventive maintenance tasks and vendors. Our import routines validate the consistency of the information prior to loading it into the system.

If you are converting from a legacy system, or upgrading from a competing product, MATE PCS has the capability to convert information from most any source. We have also developed pre-configured data conversion routines from many popular products.

Consulting Services

MATE PCS (formerly GP Solutions) has gained tremendous experience working with hundreds of customers, of all sizes, in providing consulting services to help with their improvement programs in maintenance, reliability, inventory and asset management processes.

Support Services

MATE PCS offers one of the best support service contracts in the industry. We provide unlimited phone or email support to your users to help them better understand the system or complete a task. Our support group has many years of experience working with customers just like you and can provide guidance based on knowledge of how other customers are using GP MaTe to meet their requirements.

Our support group uses GoToAssist to work with your users online to better understand what they are doing and to show first hand how to perform the requested function.

MATE PCS also hosts a LinkedIn GP MaTe User Group so our customers have a forum for communicating with us or each other.