Effective management and coordination of different aspects involved in maintenance is crucial to overall efficiency. A work order management system ensures integration of all jobs with the overall operation which enhances efficiency and realization of the set objectives. A work order management system allows managers to monitor work progress, receive and send feedback while capturing history. Businesses who use a work order management system enhance the integration between maintenance, operations, inventory control and management.

Work Order Management System for Your Company

  • Proper work management
    The various maintenance groups and crafts require proper scheduling for them to contribute to the overall goal. A manager can, with the aid of the system, determine what actions to take and who is responsible for them. Management can plan preventive measures and integrate corrective tasks to ensure improved operations of the facility or plant.
  • Improved communication
    A work management system enhances the quality of work reports because they follow a standard design suited to the facility or plant. Therefore, the managers get all of the information they require and in the right form without the need to refer to those sending the reports. Where third party contractors are involved, they use the same reporting system to improve the quality of their feedback and progress reports.
  • Automation
    Maintenance operations consist of many recurring tasks for preventive maintenance, inspections, calibrations and outage plans. Management can automate the scheduling of all of these tasks with a work order management system. This greatly reduces administrative overhead and provides a complete audit trail for requires safety or ISO tasks.
  • Linkage to Operations
    A work order management system will link operator problem reports to work tasks to improve communications between these groups. This also permits the capture of maintenance impacts on operations and the ability to identify areas in your process that need improving to reduce these impacts.

A work order management is a vital addition to any facility, production or manufacturing plant. It improves efficiency, reduces administrative costs and helps ensure that the facility or products meet all quality goals. Work order management is just one component in the GP MaTe line of integrated software components designed to meet all the needs of today’s maintenance management, inventory management and asset management professionals. To request a free live demo about our work order management software click here.