If your organization is looking for that extra edge, you may be able to find it by improving your maintenance system. After all, the success of your business ultimately rests on its machines. Work order systems software can radically change the way your organization maintains its equipment in a way that optimizes operations, increases equipment life span, and improves return on investment.

Work Order Systems Software Decreases Downtime and Increases Profit

Too many organizations rely on reactive maintenance: when something breaks, the maintenance department fixes it. Reactive maintenance results in a lot of downtime and higher levels of wear and tear on the equipment. Machines that are only maintained when they show signs of breaking down are poorly maintained, and always closer to breaking down.

More downtime means less revenue, of course, but the problems don’t stop there. Poorly maintained equipment tends to reduce the quality of the goods it produces. Off-spec equipment leads to misfit pieces, badly aligned labels, and malfunctioning products. It can even lead to safety problems like the buildup of excess heat and the resultant fire risk, or chemical leaks, or sharp edges. And those kinds of problems can damage your company’s reputation in the eyes of the buying public.

Preventive maintenance keeps your machines well maintained, finely tuned, and functioning. It decreases downtime and so increases profit, and keeps product standards high. Work order software makes the development and implementation of an effective preventive maintenance routine simple.

Work Order Software Links Multiple Departments and Facilities Together

Work order software centralizes maintenance efforts, so that different departments are all informed and working in coordination. Work gets done on time, and parts are ordered early enough that they are there when needed. Not only that, but it can even keep multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities coordinated. This greatly improves the overall efficiency of your operations. It also keeps surprises to a minimum.

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