Today there is an app for almost anything, and the world of project and work order management is no  exception. With more industries moving away from landlines for more convenient and portable smart  phones and tablets, more companies are looking for mobile work order management systems to help keep track of ongoing projects, routine maintenance, and repairs. Mate PCS, developers of the GP MaTe  extension Work MaTe, have been in the business of providing business management software solutions  since 1990. Work MaTe provides maintenance managers, technicians and operators with a way to track  assets, improve maintenance processes and overall improve organization. This leads to bigger profits for the business, but you may be wondering: how does Work MaTe help?  

The Many Features of Work MaTe  

Work MaTe software gives managers and technicians the capability to streamline processes through a number of functions, including: 

  1. Quickly identifying problems.
  2. Creating work requests. 
  3. Taking photos of the problem. 
  4. Creating work order plans and tasks. 
  5. Issuing parts to make repairs or provide routine maintenance.
  6. Enter timecard information.
  7. Enter a report of work performed. 
  8. Voice to text capabilities to document work completed. 
  9. Record or update equipment GPS coordinates. 
  10. Use GPS coordinates to make sure the right equipment is being serviced.
  11. Schedule preventive tasks and auto generate work orders. 
  12. Make assignments and route tasks wirelessly. 
  13. Read bar codes on equipment and inventory. 
  14. Ability to work off or online to complete all tasks. 

Benefits of Work MaTe for Mobile Work Order Management  

These features provide a number of benefits. For one thing, Work MaTe cuts down on the amount of  time it takes from when work orders are assigned. Work MaTe helps prevent maintenance or repairs to  the wrong equipment, saving money and parts. Technicians are able to request parts in real time  instead of having to put in orders when they are “back in the office” or travel to the storeroom to check  on availability. Managers are able to keep track of which workers are at which sites and assign tasks  quickly and efficiently. Maintenance and Operations staff can more easily communicate to ensure  equipment is available, so they don’t impact productivity.  

Work MaTe can help your business manage work orders on the go. For more information, contact MATE PCS and learn more about how we can help your business become more efficient and profitable.