Parts inventories too often do not receive the care and attention they need because policies and budgets are set by managers who do not understand either the importance of properly managing spare parts inventory or the best way to do it. They assume that spare parts warehousing does not require any real management and that it’s a convenient place to cut costs. However, proper spare parts inventory management is critical to your facility’s success.

Best Practices

Use these practices to boost your facility’s operational efficiency:

  • Identify all spare parts that are kept on hand and store them in an organized fashion in a central location that employees can quickly and easily access.
  • Use Bills of Materials to make scheduling maintenance, placing work orders, and ordering parts simple and easy.
  • Develop a simple work order process that all of your employees can follow, so that your inventory stays accurate.
  • Use security measures such as only giving access to parts department employees and installing security cameras to prevent losses and errors.
  • Use an inventory control system.

Spare Parts Inventory Management Can Reduce Expenses

Following spare parts inventory management best practices reduce downtime, and downtime is extremely costly. Proper management of your inventory means that you will always have the ability to quickly effect repairs when you need to, and that maintenance can always be done when needed. If you merely react to equipment failure instead of planning for it, you are going to experience serious downtime. After all, you lose the time it takes to order replacements for parts you don’t have on hand and your supplier may not even have them in stock. If your facility is closed for days on end waiting for a critical part then you’re facing a serious production loss and maybe even a loss of reputation and customers. Furthermore, when you manage your inventory properly, you reduce losses and their associated costs.

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