Annual Maintenance and Support Contracts

MATE PCS offers an annual Maintenance and Support Contract to our customers. This contract provides for many valuable services to protect our user’s investment in the product. Included in this contract are:

Software Problem Resolution

If any problems are encountered in the operation of the software, MATE PCS will resolve the problem through software changes or an upgrade to a more current release. MATE PCS has a 4 hour response commitment to our customers for any reported problems.

Software Upgrade Access

MATE PCS generates several point releases during any year that address functional improvements and changes that either enhance the product’s features or provide compatibility with changing computing environments. The annual Maintenance and Support Contract provides for free access to these point releases.

Major Releases of GP MaTe, which occur every couple of years, are offered to our customers, who have a contract, on a greatly reduced fee schedule.

Unlimited User Support

For customers with an active contract, we provide unlimited user support for any questions dealing with the functionality of the system. This support is provided via phone or email. Our staff makes use of GoToAssist to deliver realtime “over the shoulder” help to users having problems using specific functions.

LinkedIn User Group

MATE PCS manages a private LinkedIn Group to facilitate communications between users and MATE PCS’ staff on the operation of GP MaTe. We limit participation to users of GP MaTe to reduce spurious messaging and outside sales efforts directed at our users.

MyGPMaTe.COM User Website

MATE PCS is implementing a GP MaTe user web site that will maintain help and training materials, as well as a wide range of videos to support our users.

GP MaTe Newsletter

This newsletter is focused on informing our user base of new features and functions available in GP MaTe as well as monthly support highlights – ideas on how to better make use of specific functions.