Implementation Planning and Project Management

Implementation planning is critical to a smooth and effective deployment of an Asset Management System. Asset Management crosses many organizational boundaries; therefore, a clear understanding of all project elements between organizational entities is essential. This understanding can be facilitated through proper planning.

Determination of how the company is currently conducting Asset Management tasks; this analysis will focus on processes, procedures and tools (software).
Determination of how these current practices fit into the GP MaTe Work Flow.
Determination of data requirements to meet the specified Asset Management needs, including; conversion, creation and load.
Training requirements based on company work flow.

This task consists of MATE PCS business analysts visiting the company facilities and working with key user group(s) to analyze current systems usage, business practices and additional requirements. After the visit, MATE PCS will draft an implementation plan for review and concurrence. This plan will form the basis of all subsequent tasks.

MATE PCS will assign a Project Manager to manage all aspects of MATE PCS deployment activities. This Project Manager will be involved with the development of the Implementation Plan as well as the execution. This approach provides the company with a single point of contact for issue resolution, progress reporting and corporate management communications.