Consulting Services

MATE PCS has over 25 years experience implementing CMMS / EAMS consulting solutions in a wide range of industries and facilities. We can use this experience to help you make the best use of your system and offer advice on improving your maintenance and materials handling operations.

Some of the capabilities we can provide are:

  • PM Program Development – MATE PCS can work with your equipment vendor’s information and real world experience to generate your PM Program to reduce equipment failure and extend the life of your assets.
  • Benchmarking your Maintenance Operations – based upon data collected in your CMMS / EAMS system, we can compare key performance indicators between your site and comparable sites to identify areas of weakness and provide constructive approaches to improve your operations.
  • Systems Integration – if you need to integrate information in your CMMS / EAMS with other operating systems, MATE PCS has considerable experience developing such interfaces. For example, we have developed interfaces to Accounting Systems, SCADA / PLC Control Systems, E Procurement Systems, Centralized Manufacturer Failure Tracking Systems and Entity Web Portals.