Training Services

MATE PCS believes that training is essential to the long-term success of an Asset Management System. Some training needs to be completed early in the planning phase to personnel involved in making decisions on system usage. This early training also helps to instill system ownership and promote sponsorship for subsequent deployment activities. In addition to the early training, system administrator(s) and end users must be trained to ensure long term success.

Key users from throughout the facilities should be trained on GP MaTe functionality early in the project to be better prepared to:

  • Take the lead as system owners and stake holders,
  • Make decisions on system configuration and setup,
  • Make decisions on processes and procedures,
  • Make decisions on data conversion and load, and support and/or take charge of subsequent deployment tasks.

One or more System Administrators should be trained depending on deployment strategy. System Administrators should have the greatest knowledge of GP MaTe functionality and operation in order to:

  • Add users and change user profiles
  • Manage security activities
  • Provide first line of support to end users
  • Modify configuration and system settings
  • Support users new and with changes to reports
  • Perform minor maintenance tasks
  • Support upgrades to GP MaTe.

All end users should receive a complete system overview, general training on common functionality and specific training on their job functions. Where possible, end users should attend as many training sessions as possible to see just how their specific job functions relates to other functions within GP MaTe.

MATE PCS offers a wide variety of methods to accomplish the required training. Training can be delivered at a company facility or it can be delivered via the internet. Each method has certain advantages and disadvantages, so generally a mix of the methods is most effective.

Iowa Training Center

GPS offers a three day System Manager course in our Iowa training center. This training provides comprehensive training on application functionality as well as detailed tools ad hoc reporting and administration training. This course should be attended by GP MaTe Administrators and power users.

This course can be followed, in the same week, by a two day Crystal Reports course. This course should be attended if you intend to create unique reports that require extensive formatting or if you intend to modify any of the more than one hundred reports provided standard with GP MaTe.

On Site Training

This training will take place at a site designated by the company. It will be presented in two to Four hour segments depending on the topics. In addition to general overview sessions, topics will be focused on specific elements of the work flow such as reporting a problem, requesting a spare part, creating a Work Order and managing its progress and all of the other functionality provided in GP MaTe. End users need only attend those elements which affect their job performance while key users and the System Administrator should attend as many elements as possible. This method should be utilized when a number of new users are to be trained on the many different facets of GP MaTe.

WEB Training

WEB based training is organized in the same manner as on site training. That is organized into two to four hour segments focused on specific facility job functions. This method should be utilized when small numbers of users are to be trained on only a couple of specific functions.