Root Cause Failure Analysis is a common technique that can be used to address business problems, particularly those centered around subjective and human interpretations. It is a means of digging deeper into the truths behind system failures and conflicts, identify corrective actions, and then create an understanding within your crew about the right solution.

How Root Cause Failure Analysis Works To Help Your Business

Managing a successful organization requires the ability to navigate the list of possible potential issues. Your business might experience malfunctions of equipment or software corrupted by malware or virus. Your clients, on the other hand, may also report other issues in regards to the delivery of your services and you might have hard times collecting on your receivables. Responding with patchwork answers can lead to short-term appeasements to business, it is therefore very important to come up with the uncovering layers of the superficiality until the issue is solved. This is the main idea behind Root Cause Analysis. It is simply a method of solving the cause of a problem and not just its symptoms.

Most Root Cause Failure Analysis is done in a visual process. It pays to dig further into a problem in an organization because most of them have other underlying causes. The effect and cause are supposed to be pursued in a patient and logical manner.

The Identifiable Steps of Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • The first step is to define the main problem. This will be done by reviewing what is occurring and the specific symptoms.
  • The second step of Root Cause Failure Analysis is to collect data. This will be done by relying on the proof that the problem actually exists. The duration the problem has taken, and its impacts should also be considered. Before you can move on to check the factors that might have brought the problem, you should analyze the situation first. The RCA will help you to get members of your business together so as to maximize its effectiveness.
  • The third step in RCA is to identify the possible causal factors. Ensure you know all the sequence of the events that might have led to the problem. You should also come up with the possible conditions that might have led the problem to take place.
  • The fourth step is to identify the root cause and finally recommend and implement working solutions. RCA will help you to identify some of the things you can do to prevent the problem from occurring again. You will also be able to identify some of the risks of implementing the solution.

Root Cause Failure Analysis can help your business to improve and grow and is just one component in the GP MaTe line of integrated software components designed to meet all the needs of today’s maintenance management, inventory management and asset management professionals.

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About GP MaTe
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