Corporate Experience

MaTe PCS has over 25 years experience working with our customers to provide them with a solid solution for the Enterprise Asset Management needs. We have thousands of customers world-wide using GP MaTe to manage their plants and facilities. We have noted a few of our customers here so as to give you an idea of the breath of our experience and the wide range of applications into which GP MaTe can be used.

GP MaTe can be adapted to most any work flow situation and supports multiple languages and multiple currency procurement situations. and through the addition of optional modules, GP MaTe can evolve with your organization to meet its every changing requirements.

MaTe PCS is proud to have been given the chance to work with these companies in implementing GP MaTe. In many cases, GP MaTe is used at many facilities in an Enterprise environment. But the real strength in GP MaTe is its ability to provide a scalable solution that works well in small sites as well as large sites.


Process Industries

Power Production