Portable Device Support

GP MaTe currently only supports devices that make use of the Android O/S release 4.3 or higher (Apple iOS coming soon). These devices are used for select functions in GP MaTe including:

  • Inventory Control
  • Work Order Completion
  • Operator Tours
  • Inspections and Calibrations
  • Data Collection for Equipment Meters

GP MaTe communicates with portable devices in either a batch mode or wirelessly or both.

Batch Mode

In a batch environment, the user docks his portable device with his workstation prior to using the system.  At this time, the device’s local information is synced with the server information. After use, the device is then redocked and any updates are applied to the server and the device.

Wireless Mode

In the wireless mode, the portable device is connected real time with the server via WiFi or a telco connection. Users can then submit changes made to the portable’s information and request additional or updated information at any time. The users can also have new tasks sent to them remotely on a real time basis.

In the wireless mode, if communications are lost, the device will still operate with the information stored in the device’s memory.  When communications are re-established, the device will automatically resync with the server. So the user can still go about their duties even when communications are lost.


GP MaTe uses XML messaging to transfer information between the server and the portable devices. MATE PCS has published interface formats for this information, so companies can develop their own user interfaces using any device that can read or send XML formats.