Localization and Language Support

GP MaTe supports most language groups and handles foreign currency conversions when dealing with foreign vendors. With installations worldwide and support available 24/7, we can support your operations worldwide.


GP MaTe can support most all language groups and has translations available for the major languages. These language sets can be tailored by the end users to better meet their local usage and/or industry. Tools are provided that support the addition of any translation for all the prompts and messages generated by the system. The system is designed to make use of any local language translation, if it exists for the specific entry, but will default to English for any missing translation elements.

GP MaTe also supports more than one language use per enterprise server. Your worldwide users can use the local language that they are familiar with alongside users with different languages. Language groups also support localized formats for date, time and currencies.

Foreign Vendor Currencies

When dealing with a vendor requiring payment in a foreign currency, GP MaTe will track these actions and permit contractual or currency conversion rates. All foreign currency purchases can be viewed in your base currency or the vendor’s currency. Internally, all costs are tracked in your base currency for the plant.