GP MaTe can be delivered to your site as either a locally installed package, a package installed centrally for all of your sites or provided as a service over the Internet. This flexiibility means that we can provide GP MaTe access in the most economic manner that meets your enterprise’s needs.


GP MaTe should be thought of as consisting of two components:

The User Application is a small program that is installed on each user’s workstation or delivered via a web browser. This User Application provides for the forms and reports that the user uses on a daily basis when interacting with GP MaTe. Some of the benefits of this approach are:

Ease of Use for the user Рthe User Application provides a more integrated environment that supports usual Windows functions, like drag and drop, cut and paste, etc.

Users can have multiple forms open at the same time – permitting easy movement between reports, or looking up additional information while leaving open the work order being worked on.

Faster program performance – the User Application only communicates with the Server when additional information is needed.

The Server Component of GP MaTe is where the majority of the business logic and all of your data is stored. This is typically a Windows server located somewhere on your company’s network, but can also be a cloud server on the Internet.

This architecture is different than the traditional Client / Server architecture in that all the business logic is located on the Server. The User Application is very “thin” and only manages the user interface experience. Some of the unique features of GP MaTe’s Architecture are:

  • Communications between User Application and Server are in XML Messages.
  • User Application program is automatically updated from the server when updates are available.
  • Higher Security is possible since the server is accessed only via MaTe PCS’¬†encoded messages.