GP MaTe Uses State of the Art Technologies

GP MaTe has been designed from the bottom up to provide an enterprise platform that can evolve with your needs as well as with ever evolving computer software approaches. GP MaTe has been able to deliver high end functionality that has kept up with advances in technologies for over 20 years.

Supported Hardware

The backend Server Components of GP MaTe is compatible with most all Windows Server platforms as well as most Unix environments. The User Application component will operate on most all Windows workstations (Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7).

Localization and Language Support

GP MaTe supports most language groups and handles foreign currency conversions when dealing with foreign vendors. With installations worldwide and support available 24/7, we can support your operations worldwide.

Portable Device Support

GP MaTe currently supports the full range of Android O/S Devices, from smartphones and tablets to dedicated bar code scanning computers. These devices are used for select functions in GP MaTe including:

  • Inventory Control
  • Work Order Completion
  • Operator Tours
  • Inspections and Calibrations
  • Data Collection for Equipment Meters


GP MaTe can be delivered to your site as either a locally installed package, a package installed centrally for all of your sites or provided as a service over the Internet. This flexibility means that we can provide GP MaTe access in the most economic manner that meets your enterprise’s needs.