GP MaTe supports portable work order completion to finish assigned work orders, including the reporting of work performed, parts used and labor hours. This module supports both Batch and Wireless (as well as a combination) modes, to provide the most flexibility and usefulness in your facility or service offering.

Work Assignment

The planning function permits planners or schedulers to assign work orders to user’s queues for future performance. These work orders are then loaded automatically to the user’s portable device when they sync the device with the server. Users can also lookup work by various criteria to identify actions required.

Problem Reporting

If additional problems are found while in the plant, the user can use their portable device to report these problems via a work request.

Reporting of Parts and Labor

The user has the ability to identify any parts used and all labor used in the performance of the work task. If closed storerooms are used, the parts usage will typically be tracked when issued to the work order. But in open storeroom environments, the user can identify what parts are used while working on the task.