GP MaTe’s Operator Tours (named Tour_MaTe) permits operators (or anyone) to use portable devices to take meter readings during their shift. These readings can then be compared to valid tolerances or ranges and, if outside of the expected value, generate alerts or work requests for follow-up actions.

This module enables organizations to collect data points from meters or other indicators, validate the data real time, generate follow-up actions and report on compliance and/or trends in a fully automated manner.

Some of the features of this optional module are:

  • Multiple Tours can be defined, so daily readings can be different from weekly or monthly readings, or different process lines can be performed separately by different operators.
  • Meters being read can be certified by forcing the scanning of a bar code at the meter.
  • Readings can be validated as being in an acceptable range or tolerance and alerts or work requests can be generated automatically if an out of tolerance situation is encountered.
  • Operators can also enter work requests for other situations encountered during their tour to ensure follow-up.
  • Readings can be entered on portable devices in either a real-time (wireless / cellular) or batch mode. If real-time connectivity is lost, the portable devices will still operate and re-sync when connectivity is re-established.

This module can be used in any situation where data points are needed to be collected, stored and reported upon.