The Management of Change (MOC) process was implemented to control modifications to your facility that could potentially result in unsafe conditions or adversely affect the facility’s operation. In most cases, these modifications are planned activities and will have been reviewed prior to implementation. But in some cases, maintenance actions might occur that have unexpected ramifications. The MOC process was developed to better ensure that all required reviews and follow-up actions are identified and managed through completion.

GP MaTe has an Management of Change Module that can function as a standalone MOC process, but is designed to interface with the daily maintenance operations to ensure that all actions that should be managed under MOC are captured and implemented.

There are three components to GP MaTe’s MOC Module:

– Capture of any planned maintenance activity that should be covered by MOC prior to performance
– Planning of the MOC Action and assignment of Checklists for review and approval
– Management of the performance of all Management of Change actions required


GP MaTe uses a customizable list of questions, normally only 5 to 7, that need to be answered by the maintenance planner prior to work order approval. The customer can select which pieces of equipment are to be covered by MOC, or these questions can be forced to be answered for all work orders. Depending upon the responses to these questions, the system will decide if the planned action requires an MOC Action.

The advantage of using this approach is that only work orders affecting critical equipment can be subjected to this extra step. But also, GP MaTe has a complete audit trail of responses to these questions.

If an MOC Action is required, the work order cannot be approved until the MOC Action is approved.


The Planning of an MOC Action consists of the reporting of planned actions, the justification for these activities and the coordination of the review and approval of the MOC Action.

Part of the planning phase is the selection of various checklists that relate to specific actions that will be required in the performance of the planned action. For example, if there will be changes to piping or power services, then you can have specific checklists that must be completed as part of the MOC Action.

GP MaTe supports an unlimited number of checklists. As part of MOC Planning, only the relevant checklists would be selected to be part of the MOC Action, and they would then be assigned to specific individual or groups for performance.

Checklists can be designated as required to be completed prior to work initiation, completed prior to work completion or required after work completion but prior to startup.

Management of MOC Action

GP MaTe’s work flow layer is used to then coordinate the assignment and completion of the MOC review and approval process as well as the assignment and completion of required checklists.

Any associated GP MaTe work orders will also be governed by the MOC Action status, which may prevent the work order form being approved or completed based upon the MOC Plan.

For more information, to download a sample MOC action with checklists, or to request an online demo, click here.