With this module, you can turn your spare parts issue / return process into that of a grocery store checkout experience. GP MaTe supports the labeling of spare parts either by individual part or bin location. The user can then use either portable bar code readers or directly attached scanners on the work stations to capture parts issue or return to/from work orders.

Bar Code Labels

GP MaTe has the facility to generate parts labels either on demand or automatically at time of receipt. The system comes with label design software so you can include additional information on the labels, such as descriptions, bin locations, etc. You can also use this to label bin locations.

Issue / Return Scanning

Users can use portable bar code readers to scan labels of parts being issued as well as bar code labels printed on the work orders or pick tickets to automate the whole process. Also, employee name badges can be scanned to trace when and who the part was issued to or returned from.

Fixed scanners can be affixed to work stations to also track part issue or return (similar to the grocery store checkout process).

Receipt Scanning

Users of GP MaTe can use portable devices to log in received materials. Put Away tickets can then be generated which inform the user as to the proper storage location or for whom the material was ordered. In the latter case, the person ordering the material can be alerted directly by GP MaTe that his material has arrived. The user can also print piece labels for the received materials at this time in batch.

Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts

Portable bar code readers can be used to support the taking of physical inventory. GP MaTe supports the Cycle Count process, which enables you to break up your once a year physical inventory into more manageable weekly or monthly counts.

An advantage of Cycle Counts is that you can define different count periods for A, B or C inventory classifications. So, for example, your A inventory items (high value and high usage) can be setup with a 3 month count cycle, while your C items can be once a year.