GP MaTe’s Electronic Operator Log is a flexible online log that supports all aspects of logging operator events. This flexible module can be configured to capture your information via Operator Events and Standing Orders.

Some of the features of this module are:

  • Shift based log entries that capture all operator events and display any standing orders (engineering events) that the operations staff need to be aware of
  • End of shift auto-close of operator events, but standing orders (that remain open) roll into the new shift
  • Operator events and standing orders can be linked to work orders, with current status of work orders available to operators
  • Operators can raise new work orders via this module, and have them linked to operator events
  • Log entries available on line, but non-modifiable, for reporting
  • Log entries can be emailed or routed to management for review
  • Log can be interfaced to SCADA or PLC Historians to capture either error conditions or operating parameters desired for reporting

This module is part of several operations oriented features of GP MaTe. By linking operations functions with maintenance functions, management can get a better understanding of their plant’s or facilities’ O&M operation. For example, the impact of equipment failures on production, as well as cost and time to repair can be captured and analyzed. Thus continuous improvement programs can be assessed over time for effectiveness in reducing production downtime and maintenance costs.