With this module you can control your maintenance and materials costs against budgets, keeping you informed on a month to date and year to date basis. This module also allows you to create small, medium or large project budgets and tracks all work orders, purchase orders and their status throughout the project.

Account Code Budgets

Each account code in GP MaTe can be set up with a monthly and yearly budget. GP MaTe will then track all costs, both committed and actual against this budget. So when you create a purchase order, the system will show this as a committed cost. When that PO is received, the cost then becomes actual. Likewise, charges against operating budgets or inventory budgets will capture all parts issues and returns, whether they are spare parts from inventory or non-stock purchases.

Project Budgets

This module expands that Project capability in GP MaTe by allowing you to define a budget for a project and then capture all the work orders and Purchase Orderss being created as part of the project. This information is tracked by account code as well as for the whole project. As work progresses for the project, you will be able to track planned, committed and actual costs for each account code (as budgeted for the project) as well as the project overall.