GP MaTe Base System Functions

GP MaTe is configured as a Base System with Optional Modules added as required by your organization to best meet your asset management needs. This section provides overviews of the main base system functions, which all configurations support. Be sure to check out the Optional Modules Section for more information about extentions available to the base system.

Inventory Bar Coding

With this module, you can turn your spare parts issue / return process into that of a grocery store checkout experience. GP MaTe supports the labeling of spare parts either by individual part or bin location. The user can then use either portable bar code readers or directly attached scanners on the work stations to capture parts issue or return to/from work orders.

Portable Work Order Completion

GP MaTe supports the use of portable devices to complete assigned work orders, including the reporting of work performed, parts used and labor hours. This module supports both Batch and Wireless (as well as a combination) modes, to provide the most flexibility and usefulness in your facility or service offering.

Electronic Operator Logs

GP MaTe’s Electronic Operator Log is a flexible online log that supports all aspects of logging operator events. This flexible module can be configured to capture your information via Operator Events and Standing Orders.

Operator Tours

GP MaTe’s Operator Tours (named Tour_MaTe) permits operators (or anyone) to use portable devices to take meter readings during their shift. These readings can then be compared to valid tolerances or ranges and, if outside of the expected value, generate alerts or work requests for follow-up actions.

Financial System Interfaces

GP MaTe can be interfaced with most all financial / accounting systems that support interfaces. The Financial Interface Module (FIM) was developed to provide basic support for these interfaces and is then customized to meet the specific requirements of your workflow and the requirements of the financial product being interfaced.

Management of Change

The Management of Change (MOC) process was implemented to control modifications to your facility that could potentially result in unsafe conditions or adversely affect the facility’s operation. In most cases, these modifications are planned activities and will have been reviewed prior to implementation. But in some cases, maintenance actions might occur that have unexpected ramifications. The MOC process was developed to better ensure that all required reviews and follow-up actions are identified and managed through completion.

Account Code and Project Budgeting

With this module you can control your maintenance and materials costs against budgets, keeping you informed on a month to date and year to date basis. This module also allows you to create small, medium or large project budgets and tracks all work orders, purchase orders and their status throughout the project.