GP MaTe Version 7

GP MaTe Version 7 will be released in early 2018. This is a major release with many new features as well as upgraded software technologies that will set the stage for many new capabilities. The following list contains a sample of some of the new features.

Resizable forms

Most all forms are now resizable, so you can, for example, widen a purchase order to show all line items.

Preventive Maintenance Changes

The PM Program has been enhanced to include the following new features:

  • Parent / Children structure has been added so you can take credit for a child task when you perform a parent task. For example, you can take credit for a weekly PM when you perform a more comprehensive monthly task.
  • Cancel and Hold capabilities have been added to delay or cancel the performance of a PM. Before you had to unapprove a PM to remove it from the scheduler.
  • Automatic generation using a scheduler has been added to allow GP MaTe to automatically select PMs for generation without having to run a manual schedule process.
  • PMs for Outages has been added to allow you to create PM tasks that can be selected for an outage and scheduled based upon the outage start date.
  • Due Date and Tolerance calculations have been reworked to do a better job of dealing with complex schedules.

Ability to Setup Non-stock Inventory Information

You can now identify an inventory record as non-stock. The intent is to store reorder information for a line item, but have it be issued upon receipt instead of transiting via the store room.  The function is similar to the NS-xxxxxx function, except that the information for the line item is store in the Inventory Table. This new feature supports:

  • Expanding parts lists to include parts that might be required, but ones you would prefer not to stock. Makes looking up these parts much quicker for reordering, as well as maintaining history on their procurement and usage.
  • Organizing purchases for outage work, so they can easily be ordered for the outage without having to receive and the issue from the storeroom.

Non-stock to Stock Conversion

Non-stock to Stock Conversions have been added to enable you to turn a non-stock purchase into a stock item. This enables you to return unused, direct ordered materials back to stock and links the original purchase order information back to the new inventory item.

Prepay in Purchasing

You can now identify and account for pre-pay purchase orders.

Operator’s Log

An operator log capability has been added to permit operators to track issues and provide long term notifications to operators between shifts.  Also permits better links between problem reports and operations issues.

Mobile Device Support

Three updated or new mobile modules are available with version 7.

Work MaTe is a new module for managing all work order functions from a portable device. This includes:

  • Initiating Work Requests
  • Planning Work Tasks
  • Issuing Spare Parts
  • Recording Time Cards
  • Completing Work Orders
  • Reporting Run Time Information

You can use GPS to confirm equipment locations and attach photos to work orders and problem reports

Part MaTe is an updated inventory management module. It includes:

  • Issuing and Returning Spare Parts
  • Receiving against Purchase Orders
  • Record Stock Movements
  • Perform Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory
  • Looking up Parts Information

Bar code scanning and printing are supported. You can also attach photos of receiving documentation to the spare part and purchasing document.

Tour MaTe is an updated operator tour module. With it you can:

  • Setup routes for taking meter readings
  • Collect numeric or condition information at each point
  • Set normal ranges or indications for each point
  • Auto generate work orders or alerts when readings are out of expected values

Ad Hoc Report Writer

The Ad Hoc report writer has been replaced with a new version that supports improved on screen viewing and sub-reports.