GP MaTe has a robust work flow capability that is used to route information between users of the system. This greatly reduces the need for using reports to define what tasks are required of a user. With this work flow the user is displayed a real time list of tasks required of them whether they are maintenance staff or purchasing agents.

Work Flow is used for actions such as:

  • Problem Report routing to maintenance supervisors
  • Work Order Approvals
  • Procurement Actions needed for stock replenishment
  • PR and PO Approvals
  • Alerts for out of tolerance inspections, calibrations or operator readings

GP MaTe’s routing and alerts are used to help automate the whole process of maintenance and materials management. From listing and assigning work tasks, to requesting approvals for purchase requirements, this feature removes the need for users to contact plant staff to ask them to take specific actions.

GP MaTe’s alerts can also reach casual users via emails. So for example, if a plant manager’s approval is required, the system can email such an alert so that they can log into GP MaTe to take the required action.

When an alert reaches a user, all they need to do is click on the alert and they will be taken directly to the function in GP MaTe required.

Alerts can also be setup to notify a user based upon just about any action that might occur in GP MaTe. So for example, a safety officer can be alerted if a safety PM is overdue, with their need to sift through overdue work orders to check on important items.

Our users tell us that the work flow layer has greatly improved their efficiency and has made GP MaTe an integral and useful part of their daily work experience.