A major feature of GP MaTe is its Task Oriented User Interface approach to supporting the users. Instead of users having to traverse menu structures in order to accomplish their work, GP MaTe permits them to start in one area and then brings required information to them. Through the use of multiple / simultaneous forms, GP MaTe will display information from other areas in the system to aid the user in accomplishing their tasks.

For example, if a maintenance planner is creating a work order, he can check history on the asset, review parts availability and create purchase requisitions without leaving his work order planning screen.

GP MaTe’s user interface does have a standard menu navigation facility. But users can move their normal entry point menu options to a floating user specific menu. This reduces the hunting for menu options for those items used frequently.

Once in a menu option, the user can drill down for additional information, which is then displayed on new overlayed forms that can be moved to other areas of the work space.

Also, users can start multiple tasks at the same time. So a user can have several work orders open, be working on a purchase order, and still deal with other needs, like looking up information to answer a staff inquiry.