In GP MaTe, all spare parts, non-stock materials, services and other procurement actions occur via Purchase Requests. The Purchase Request can be generated automatically for stock spare parts based upon replenishment parameters (Reorder Points and Reorder Quantities). Non-stock purchase requisitions are created manually by the user, and can be linked to work order tasks to better control the flow of information. This module also supports the Receipt of Materials and Invoice Matching.

When inventory is setup in GP MaTe, the user can set replenishment parameters to ensure that parts are available when required, but control costs by maintaining sufficient levels and using economic reorder quantities. Each part can have multiple vendors and GP MaTe will track each vendor used, maintaining the last price paid and lead times for each vendor for that part.

When a reorder point is reached via the usage of inventory, GP MaTe will automatically generate a Purchase Requisition. This requisition can then go through a review and approval process and be issued to the vendor, or entered into the user’s corporate accounting system for purchasing. (We do provide interfaces to most accounting systems to do this automatically.)

During work order planning, the maintenance planner can create one or more purchase requisitions specific to the task (e.g. service order for a contractor or rental equipment) or materials needed that are not stocked. Also, if stock materials are required for a task, but are above the quantity in stock, the system will automatically generate a purchase requisition. In these cases when the materials are received, the lead maintenance manager for the task will be notified automatically via the workflow layer.

At the time of receipt, bar codes can be printed in batch for all materials received. Also, Put Away Tickets (receiving documents) can be printed for the receipt which also identifies any work orders waiting on the materials.

GP MaTe also supports foreign currency vendors and provides for exchange rate capture at time of purchase requisition generation or updates at time of receipt.

GP MaTe has an Optional Module for Enhanced Purchasing that supports the consolidation of purchase requisitions into Purchase Orders, as well as Request for Quotes and Vendor Contracts.