GP MaTe’s Work Request functionality is an easy way to support the reporting of problems by your operators or users of your assets. Through this facility, users can quickly enter problem information and be notified via the alert system when work is approved or completed. This function will also aid in the identification of problems that have already been reported.

Work requests entered by operators or end users can be automatically routed to supervisors or maintenance managers for approval, investigation and follow through. If work progresses, all information entered via the work request becomes part of the work order information.

Work Requests can be initiated via several mechanisms:

  • GP MaTe standard Work Request entry screen
  • Web based problem reporting forms
  • Manual problems found while using portable devices for Operator Tours or Work Order completion
  • Automatic trigger of problem reports via out of bounds data collected via Operator Tours
  • Automatic generation as a result of an out of bound calibration or inspection

The Work Request Module integrates tightly with the work flow layer in GP MaTe. So anyone entering a work request can route it to specific individuals (overriding default routings), and be notified of any status changes to the work request. If a request is cancelled by maintenance, a reason is provided at cancellation and this is routed back to notify the person reporting the problem.