GP MaTe’s Inventory Module is designed to help you manage all aspects of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) spares. Through tight integration with all other modules in GP MaTe, you have immediate access to inventory status, availability and documentation system-wide. GP MaTe’s Inventory Module can be used in open or closed storeroom situations, as well as enterprise wide access to multiple site storage and sharing.

MRO Spare Part control is in many ways a more complex issue than the control of inventory for production. Some of the special considerations for MRO spares are:

  • Low turnover of safety spares skew some management performance parameters
  • Some parts are repairable and need to be tracked differently
  • Issued parts are often returned when not used
  • Multiple vendors can supply the same part
  • Parts can be used in several different equipment configurations

GP MaTe’s Inventory Module will help your organization save money while helping ensure that the proper parts are available when needed. Some of the more unique features of this program are:

  • The ability to link parts back to equipment via Master Parts Lists, which supports the ability to break larger equipment down into logical subcomponents
  • Tracking of all usage information including stock-outs (when a part is needed but not available)
  • The ability to track different account codes for each line item
  • Designation of repairable line items, which then trigger the tracking of repair actions in-house or items sent out for repair
  • Usage of bar code labels and scanners to automate the receiving, issuing and returning of parts from an open or closed storeroom (see Portable Device Support)