GP MaTe supports any comprehensive Inspections and Calibration facility as part of both Preventive and Corrective work orders. This capability is useful when you want to capture data when performing tasks for future reporting and trending, as well as triggering followup actions if values found were outside of tolerance.

Inspections and Calibrations are typically setup as part of a preventive or predictive work plan. In these situations, you can setup multiple readings that can be taken for multiple points. So for example, if you were performing a calibration, you can setup the data collection to take an “as found” reading for a specific data point, as well as an “as left” reading. Then you can trigger alerts or followup work requests if either of these readings were out of a specification tolerance range.

The Inspections and Calibration capability is similar to the functionality of Operator Tours, in which data is collected by operators that are then checked against tolerance values and can generate alerts or work requests.

This capability is also available when using portable devices to complete work orders.