Established and start-up companies in Baltimore and around the globe need to prolong the life of their assets. By doing so they avoid damage and malfunctioning that eats up operations costs which may lead to great losses. That is where the need for preventative maintenance software comes in. Preventative maintenance software is an application responsible for streamlining and maintaining of operations management process in an organization, ensuring there is no downtime. The system helps a company in;

  • Budgeting.
  • Asset tracking.
  • Inventory control.
  • Managing equipment data.
  • Record keeping.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Compliance.
  • Preventative maintenance plans.

We at Mate CPS are here to help you with the perfect preventative maintenance software named GP MaTe. Gp MaTe is an easy-to-use, maintenance and material management system that allows maintenance planning and inventory control.

Our software supports many optional modules that support safety, budgeting, multiplant information sharing, and data collection. It is available in many languages and supports vendor currency conversions.

To make it easier to use GP MaTe we have made it a cloud-based solution brought to your site through the internet. You can now sign up for a GP MaTe CMMS system from your workstation laptop, tablet, or smartphone for a monthly fee.

GP MaTe has a base system that has optional modules which are fit to meet the requirements of your organization’s asset management needs. Here are the main base systems and their function;

Electronic operator Logs: This is a flexible online log that supports all aspects of logging operator events. It has a configuration that captures information via standing orders and operator events.

Inventory Barcoding: It supports the labeling of spare parts. The user can use either portable barcode readers or directly attached scanners at the workstation to capture part issues or return to work orders.

Portable work order completion: This is a base system that supports the use of portable devices to complete assigned orders, and report the tasks done, parts used, and the time spent working, It is flexible as it supports batch and wireless connections.

Operator Tours: Operator tours allow anyone to use portable devices to take meter readings during their work shift. This data is used to generate alerts and work requests for follow-up actions.

Account code and project budgeting: It is used to control your maintenance and material costs against budgets. Through the maintenance it allows you to create small and large project budgets while tracking work orders, purchase orders, and their status during the project.

Management of change: This module controls modifications to your facility that could end up causing unsafe conditions. It ensures that all required reviews and follow-up actions are identified and managed to completion.

Financial system interface: It has an interface link with Gp MaTe for all financial and accounting systems that support interfaces that you need for the workflow.

Get in Contact for Preventative Maintenance Program Software

To get Gp MaTe email or call the sales team at Mate CPS. Remember to provide basic information to have the expert team tailor a presentation that meets your needs.