Some companies are reluctant to focus on managing spare parts inventory because they fear that stocking assets like spares is counter-intuitive when trying to effectively control operating costs. In fact, however, it is quite the opposite.

Optimizing Performance by Managing Spare Parts Inventory

Practical spare part management is the foundation of reliable operations and is vital to success. Companies need to know how to determine which spare parts are needed to make up an effective and comprehensive inventory system. Rather than using perception to determine what’s needed, it’s best to establish a strategic method that will adequately manage the movement and storage of your inventory.

Luckily, we have a solution for you that will quickly shove aside the misconception that managing spare parts inventory is complicated. In fact, it is simple with the GP MaTe software.

GP MaTe is an enterprise management software that organizations use to optimize the performance, availability and cost ownership of assets. These software tools are essential in asset management both on-site and throughout the enterprise. GP MaTe supports the identification of both stocked and non-stocked inventory items. In the case of stocked items, when needed, the item can be found on the shelf, and when used, replenishment calculations are triggered to determine if the item needs to be reordered.

You can also use GP MaTe to schedule cycle counts. With cycle counts, you can schedule weekly count lists of select locations or items to be performed by the storeroom personnel when they are not busy with other activities. In this way, you can break down the large, once a year task into 52 smaller tasks. You can also identify different count schedules for more critical spares, so that high priced, critical components can be counted every three months instead of once a year.

In addition, GP MaTe will track all usage of spare parts, stocked and non-stocked. This information is invaluable in making better stocking decisions. In addition, GP MaTe will flag stock-out situations, which occur when a part is needed but is not available, so future stocking decisions can be adjusted if warranted.

With that being said, we are confident that MATE PCS can offer the best solutions for material management and maintenance solutions, making it easy for you to manage spare parts inventory within your work.

About GP MaTe GP MaTe is a User-friendly maintenance and material management system that facilitates maintenance planning and inventory control. Our product has many optional modules that support Safety (PSM, MOC and LOTO), Budgeting, Multi-plant information sharing, and Operator Tours and Data Collection. The system is available in many languages and interfaces with most accounting and ERP systems.