Your equipment maintenance is only as good as your preventative maintenance schedule. It’s not easy to hit the sweet spot with that schedule; schedule your maintenance efforts too close together and you waste time and money. Schedule them too far apart and you get equipment failure, down time, and production losses. Maintenance tracking software is an easy, effective way of finding the scheduling sweet spot.

What Can Optimizing the Preventative Maintenance Schedule Do?

Optimizing your preventative maintenance schedule can greatly reduce equipment downtime and production stoppages. It can reduce repair costs. It also can make more efficient use of your technical resources and staff.

Optimizing Your Preventative Maintenance

There are a few things you should be doing to optimize your maintenance schedule. One of them is a preventative maintenance audit. This audit involves analyzing past equipment usage and breakdowns to find trends. These trends will tell you when the need for maintenance is highest, and also when it can be done in a way that minimizes down time and costs.

Another is grouping all similar specialized maintenance tasks together. That lets your specialists get everything done at once, instead of having to find a way to schedule them repeatedly in a way that doesn’t mess up work flow.

If you have backups for critical pieces of equipment, experiment with your preventative maintenance schedule. Find out if inspections need to be more frequent, of if you can do fewer. Install sensors. Try teaching operators to do some routine maintenance tasks. This will help you optimize your schedule.

All of these things can be done by individual people or teams. They are a lot easier when done with maintenance tracking software, though.

What is Maintenance Tracking Software?

In a nutshell, maintenance tracking software is software that lets you know about your “asset health.” It has analytic tools that can give you a remarkably detailed view of asset history and performance. It helps determine ideal preventative maintenance schedules.

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