Machine breakdowns can happen at any time. They can come without warning and can cost the company thousands of dollars. Business gets lost as management scrambles to target the problem and come up with a viable solution. Getting a maintenance team together is vital to the business, but there’s another solution that can also help. That solution is preventative maintenance and maintenance management software.

How Maintenance Management Software Can Help

One solution you should consider is gathering a preventative maintenance team. They can perform routine scheduled tasks to make sure that your company’s equipment is clean and in optimal working order. Checking for efficiency is another priority that your preventative maintenance team needs to consider on a regular basis. Your team can schedule maintenance checkups, have meetings, and tackle the job as requested. But, in order to be able to do those tasks, they must rely on good, quality maintenance management software.

Maintenance management software can do a preventative maintenance analysis where you can choose from several options. One is a risk cause analysis, or RCA, where you can investigate all possible root causes before attempting a potential solution. Another option you’ll have with preventative maintenance software is failure modes and effects analysis. With this choice, you can use the software to project potential problems with your equipment and to seek preventative strategies for better business solutions.

The software will also allow you to access a feature known as the computerized maintenance management system, which creates maintenance and repair schedules along with reminders. With this option, you will receive automatic alerts when potential system failure is detected. You will receive automatic updates along with a priority list of tasks that need to be completed.

You can then help your team by setting future goals and creating critical solutions to reach those goals. Your plan needs to include equipment feedback forms where you can trace the trajectory of every maintenance issue and the solutions you’ve used to solve them. You can use the data to project ideas for future team decisions.

Learning about Your Management System

Like any other endeavor, it takes time, patience and work to learn maintenance management software. When you start to use it, it is highly advisable to begin with smaller tasks. You can test your knowledge along the way and learn at the same time. Plus, you can train your staff in its proper use. To find out more, simply contact MATE PCS online for an appointment today.