At GP MaTe we partner with organizations around the globe and bring them innovative maintenance management solutions. Our new mobile app, Work MaTe, is the latest work order management system and is now available as a convenient tool for Android users. Please read on to learn more about how you can take advantage of Work MaTe’s features, the optional modes and the ease of mobile access.

How Our Next Generation Maintenance Management Solutions Benefit Your Business

Enter Problem Reports

Unfortunately, not every day is smooth sailing. When issues arise, you need immediate action to find a quick, effective solution. Entering problem reports via GP MaTe allows your maintenance supervisors to be quickly made aware of issues and begin solution steps.

Document with Pictures

Taking pictures of the problem helps your maintenance supervisors provide the most effective solutions in a reasonable period. The images become part of the work order you submit and the work history so you can refer to them should the issue reappear.

Working Efficiently

You want your business to be run as efficiently as possible. With our new app, you can complete assigned work orders, enter the work that is performed, provide failure codes, and keep a record of equipment downtime. This valuable information is available for future reference and helps you make necessary improvements across all areas of your business.

Issue Spare Parts to Work Orders

You can improve your spare parts management system by using our Work MaTe mobile app. Considering lead times, operating strategy, and inventory control all help minimize performance disruption and reduce carrying costs. You can also promote efficiency, which leads to successful spare part management.

Enter Time Card Information and Run-Time Information

Being able to enter time card information saves you and your employees time. Additionally, you can collect equipment run-time information to help with scheduling preventive maintenance actions.

Contact GP MaTe Today

Our Work MaTe app works with the server based system via a wireless and cellular connection. These connectivity options are an easy and quick approach to work order management. Contact us today to learn more about our new mobile app and our maintenance management solutions.

About GP MaTe

GP MaTe is a user-friendly maintenance and material management system that facilitates maintenance management solutions, work orders and critical spare parts management. Our product has many optional modules that support Safety (PSM, MOC and LOTO), Budgeting, Multi-plant information sharing, and Operator Tours and Data Collection. The system is available in many languages and interfaces with most accounting and ERP systems.