CMMS is an acronym that every small maintenance operation is likely already familiar with, but if not, they need to know. A CMMS – or, “computerized maintenance management system,” offers an easy way to manage work orders, automate tasks, and facilitate processes. Keep reading to find out how our maintenance management systems can help make maintenance easier and more efficient with our revolutionary software.

What Exactly Does CMMS Software Do?

Our CMMS software helps to prioritize work orders, set an agenda, and schedule preventive maintenance. It allows companies to manage inventory, track compliance, and track asset lifecycles with ease. It also streamlines condition monitoring, resource tracking, and reporting, assisting with customized workforce training and support to optimize all aspects of your operations.

What is the Difference Between the Different Maintenance Management Systems?

If you’re already familiar with EAM, or enterprise asset management, then you may be wondering what the difference between the two systems is. After all, EAM is also used for controlling work processes and maintaining equipment. However, the difference is that CMMS is designed primarily for managing single work sites, and EAM is designed for managing multiple sites, and even multiple businesses. Additionally, CMMS is a type of software, while EAM includes not only software, but also other services and systems. Essentially, CMMS is a part of EAM, and covers some of the same ground. This is why we recommend it for small maintenance organizations not in need of all the extras of an EAM system and which are more concerned with cost than the “bells and whistles.”

What Are the Benefits of CMMS Software?

CMMS software makes workflow management easier by helping workers at every level to easily assess the current status of projects by consulting the record of actions both already taken and pending. In fact, it improves work order completion rates and lowers the rate of missed deadlines. It assists in coordinating workers in the field, as well as remote team deployment. It decreases accident rates, resulting in a safer workplace for all. Finally, it frees up administrators’ time by automating many of the more time-consuming processes while improving asset health management.

Getting Started with Maintenance Management Systems

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