Since 1990, MATE PCS has provided management system software solutions to businesses. In today’s  market, having a functioning app to help with inventory control is essential for businesses to be efficient  and profitable, and MATE PCS can meet that need with the mobile app extension of GP MaTe:  PartsMaTe. PartsMaTe helps maintenance and operations staff have complete mobile inventory control  so tasks and projects are never without the parts they need when they need them.  

Features of PartsMaTe: 

  1. Allows storeroom staff to issue parts.
  2. Allows for parts to be returned to inventory if they are not used 
  3. Uses bar codes to more accurately identify spare parts. 
  4. Can generate pick tickets to pre-stage parts. 
  5. Printing commands for bin and barcode labels. 
  6. Tracks location of inventory including bin location in the warehouse.
  7. Tracks the movement of inventory from location to location. 
  8. Support physical inventory counts and advanced cycle counting. 
  9. Enter receipt information for purchases and print put away tickets..
  10. Capture photos of packaging materials. 
  11. Capture photos of specification sheets when inventory is received. 
  12. Support for wireless connections in real time. 
  13. Support for batch mode when out of wireless range. 
  14. The software integrates with GP MaTe process safety functions to make sure quality assurance and quality compliance steps are being followed. 

Benefits of PartsMaTe for Inventory Control  

PartsMaTe allows maintenance and storeroom personnel to keep track of what inventory is on hand,  where it is located, where it has been allocated, and what inventory has been removed. Photo capture  capabilities allows for immediate tracking of inventory numbers and locations. Reorder logic will  generate replenishment orders automatically to ensure parts are available when needed. Use of  PartsMaTe helps businesses make sure inventory is being handled in the most efficient and safest  possible manner. PartsMaTe saves money by reducing the amount of time spent locating parts and  allocating them to the proper worksite, enhances production or project completion and gives owners/ managers real time data on assets on hand.  

If you are looking for a mobile inventory management software system, MATE PCS can provide you with  all the tools necessary in the palm of your hand with PartsMaTe. For more information, contact MATE PCS to learn what products and apps you can get to support your business endeavors.