We have been working with our customers for over 25 years to provide a software tool that fully meets their needs, in a wide range of industries.

GP MaTe is an excellent tool to not only manage the Maintenance activities, but the Inventory control and Purchasing and Accounts Payable function. This application has excellent reporting capabilities, from the “canned” reports and the added functionality of writing adhoc reports to meet our needs. Try it – I think you will be delighted in the results!
– Al Potter, NAES Corporation


The GP MaTe product line encompasses the widest range of functions of any of our competitors.

The Base GP MaTe package covers most all functions required for a typical maintenance organization, including;

  • Work Request / Problem Reports
  • Corrective Work Orders
  • Preventive Work Orders, including Outage Programs
  • Projects with budgeting
  • Equipment and Asset Information, with unlimited hierarchies
  • Inventory Control, with stock, no-stock and consumable functions
  • Pasts Lists between Inventory and Assets
  • Pick List reservations and staging
  • Purchase Requisitions with receiving and invoice matching
  • Personnel Information with training / certifications
  • Hundreds of standard Reports and Ad Hoc report capabilities

The system is designed to streamline normal day to day operations, but be able to handle the on-off situations. Sophisticated security is in place to manage the user experience, and limit users to their areas of responsibility.

Optional Modules

Additional modules are then available to expand on this base system in an integrated manner to include;

  • Enhanced Purchasing – consolidate Purchase Requisitions into Purchase Orders, email PDF POs to vendors, support partial receipts, invoice matching and much more.
  • Account Code and Project Budgeting – monthly and yearly budgets can be setup to track costs as well as projecting budget shortfalls.
  • Portable Device Support – use of portable devices (bar code readers, smartphones, etc.) to management inventory and complete work orders. Supports mixed environments for real time connectivity via wireless as well as batch capabilities when out of range.
  • Management of Change (MOC) – integrated module to handle all aspects of an MOC process including assigning pre-defined checklists.
  • Financial Interface Module – supports the integration of GP MaTe with most accounting and ERP systems. This includes real time, up to date interfaces to SAP and Microsoft’s Dynamics systems.
  • Operator Tours – use of portable devices to collect data from meter readings and identify and generate work requests to follow up on any readings trending out of compliance.
  • Operator Logs – electronic logs that also integrate with the work order system to link and track completion of any problems, as well as producing Permit To Work notifications to technicians.
  • Project Management Exports – to populate popular Project Management systems to support resource leveling and scheduling.
  • Multi-Plant Support – permits the control and sharing of information between multiple plant sites in an organization. Permits the look-up of part availability at other sites and request transfers.

Ease of Use

Our goal in developing GP MaTe was to make daily tasks as easy as possible, while still providing for the handling of one-off situations. To this end we support;

  • Work Flow Alerts – users will get alerts in GP MaTe or via email of actions required (e.g. approval of a purchase requisition, notification of a completed work request, etc.)
  • Defaults for Standard Information – the ability to generate default information to quickly populate standard tasks
  • Multiple Open Screens – users can have several screens open to look up information while completing a task
  • Double Click Lookups – in most all fields that require codes, the user can double click and get a list of valid entries
  • Drill Down Capabilities – user can double click on many fields to bring up additional information about that entity. For example, while planning a work order, user can double click on equipment ID, bring up equipment record, double click on history and check out previous work order information without leaving the planning screen.

Implementation Support

The GP MaTe system requires very little information to get started. As it is used, it will capture more information and create links between entities automatically. However, we offer many options to help you get started, including;

  • On site or online training sessions – targeted to specific tasks
  • Importing of data from existing systems, spreadsheets or other machine readable sources
  • GP MaTe data collection spreadsheets that help you get your information organized
  • Import validation processes that will review all of your data sources to help ensure consistency of coded entries
  • On site services to support data collection tasks or start-up support
  • Desk procedure development to help users adhere to your company’s procedures

As a network admin I have found GP MaTe easy to manage and support. My experience with the GP MaTe support staff has been great.
– Justin Thompson, Niteo Products

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