Maintaining your factory is key to optimal business operations, but how do you track factory maintenance? Factory maintenance software can help your business keep track of your facility’s repairs and routine service. GP MaTe, provides businesses with software packages that help track maintenance issues.

Benefits of GP MaTe Maintenance Software

Keeping track of maintenance helps prevent shutdowns that can cost your business thousands or millions. GP MaTe maintenance software has several benefits for your company or factory. These benefits include:

  1. Assets and Equipment: maintenance software can keep track of facility assets and equipment in your inventory.
  2. Maintenance: the software program can help schedule routine maintenance on equipment, track how often repairs or services are required.
  3. Inventory: your maintenance software package from GP MaTe can help track the parts used for repairs or surplus parts.
  4. Purchasing: maintenance software helps you keep track of the procurement of spare parts and helps you keep track of stock levels so repairs and routine maintenance can be performed in a timely manner.
  5. Safety: maintenance software helps keep track of routine service and repairs on equipment making them safer for use.
  6. Problem Reporting: your factory maintenance software can alert the proper personnel when equipment needs repairs, service or upgrades to help keep it running efficiently.
  7. Planning Work Orders: factory maintenance software makes work order planning easy. The software can do the following in the planning process:
    • Look at the history of the equipment
    • Compare work to previous work orders
    • Designate tasks to multiple contractors
    • Reserve parts from the spare part inventory
    • Prepare procurement orders for parts not on hand
    • Designate work tasks
    • Establish approval routing.
  8. Spare Part Usage: your factory maintenance software can also track the amount of spare parts on hand.
  9. Feedback on Equipment Failure: the software tracks when the equipment fails and provides detailed reports on equipment failures.

Keep your business on track and its equipment running smoothly with factory maintenance software from GP MaTe. Not only will you get quality software that will help prevent costly shutdowns, GP MaTe will provide you with training on how to use your software and support packages that help maintain your system. Contact GP MaTe today to learn more or set up your facility maintenance software.