Factory maintenance software is designed to keep your plant running on schedule. It isn’t quite the same as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), but that is why successful factories utilize a CMMS. The true definition of factory maintenance software is the system used to track and plan maintenance. Read on to learn more!

How Factory Maintenance Software and CMMS Helps

CMMS software is the nexus of your maintenance program. It tracks maintenance history on all of your equipment and can also schedule required maintenance. Think of it as a safety net to help keep your plant working.

A Common Sense Approach to Maintenance

There are two ways to approach equipment maintenance: planned and reactive.

Planned maintenance is proactive, preventive maintenance of equipment. Your CMMS software can be programmed with recommended service parameters for each piece of equipment in your plant. You can plan maintenance based on how much a machine is used, perform work based on the condition of each piece of equipment, or schedule work based on when you expect a machine to require maintenance. This will enable you to schedule the work in the least disruptive manner for your business and allows you to optimize work hours and to avoid equipment failure, keeping your plant on schedule.

Reactive maintenance is more of a gamble, with maintenance being performed only after a machine has failed. When critical components fail, this generally leads to costly delays or complete shutdowns.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance and Factory Maintenance Software

CMMS helps you to stay on top of maintenance schedules, giving you one less thing about which you have to be concerned. Planned maintenance has proven to lengthen the life of equipment, which saves time that would be spent on installing replacements and the cost of that replacement. It also results in greater productivity, fewer breakdowns, and less spending on maintenance.

Another primary benefit is that planned maintenance can keep your plant working, as unexpected equipment breakdowns are costly.

Need a New Plan for Automated Maintenance?

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