The benefits of a maintenance work order software are endless. For any organization maintenance work orders can quickly get over whelming when using a manual scheduling system. When a company implements a manualĀ maintenance work order software they are able to focus on other tasks and let the software system alert them when maintenance is to be performed.

Using outdated systems can have a negative impact on machinery performance, organization of maintenance tasks and effective labor uses, among others. The introduction of computerized maintenance work order software has allowed management to respond quickly to maintenance work order requests and quickly coordinate with the responsible staffers. In the end there will be higher efficiency levels and savings, as often maintenance work orders prevent costly repairs in the future.

What Exactly Are the Benefits of Maintenance Work Order Software?

  • Efficiently manage work orders
    With a maintenance work order software managers can take advantage of the different innovative tools so they can streamline the process and remove any inefficiencies. Work Order Planning is a central function used by maintenance supervisors or planners to review Problem Reports or initiate work orders.
  • Eliminate paperwork
    With maintenance work order software information is captured automatically and it is possible to be viewed on multiple devices. This eliminates the need of making numerous hard copies that will be filled.
  • Reduce overtime
    Fully featured maintenance work order software helps in increasing efficiency of the team and reduce total overtime. Automated work order planning includes the following process:

    • Review of equipment history
    • Modeling of work based upon earlier work orders
    • Creation of multiple tasks for different crafts or contractors
    • Reservation of spare parts from MPLs or the searching of inventory
    • Generation of Purchase Requisitions for non-stock or contractor services purchases
    • Scheduling and Assignment of work tasks
    • Approval and/or approval routing
  • Enhanced productivity
    Equipment downtime can result in poor service, lost profits and higher operational costs. With maintenance work order software users are able to receive as well as create work order tickets increasing productivity. Efficient work order software decreases turnaround times with quicker work completion and greater transparency to enable managers to spot and address any maintenance related issues.
  • Capture history
    Maintenance work order software will capture all information on your maintenance activities, providing a wealth of information for analysis and reporting. With this information you can easily:

    • Identify high maintenance cost processes that should be reviewed
    • Better forecast spare parts usage and optimize stocking levels
    • Manage improvement programs, such as reducing failures by implementing a PM or predictive program
    • Generate reports and / or quickly provide information required by regulatory or certification programs

When a manager is able to utilize maintenance work order software they are able to automate much of the process that once took a lot of coordination to put into place. This is coupled with higher cost savings and efficiency levels.

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About GP MaTe
GP MaTe is a User-friendly maintenance and material management system that facilitates maintenance planning and inventory control. Our product has many optional modules that support Safety (PSM, MOC and LOTO), Budgeting, Multi-plant information sharing, and Operator Tours and Data Collection. The system is available in many languages and supports vendor currency conversions.