Enterprise Asset Management, or EAM, is a suite of tools that can make facility operations more efficient. It helps facility managers see into both the present and historical states of facility assets so that asset utilization and uptime are improved, operation costs are reduced, and revenue is increased. To learn more about EAM, just keep on reading.

What’s the Difference between EAM and CMMS?

On the surface, it may seem like EAM is just another name for a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS. However, CMMS focuses on asset management during the operational phase. EAM takes a much broader view, and allows for management through the entire asset life cycle. Basically, CMMS is a part of any EAM system, but is not all of it.

Enterprise Asset Management Features

Enterprise Asset Management tools usually have the following features:

  • Work order management tools like part tracking , automated purchases, and metrics
  • The documentation and information needed for preventive maintenance and decreased unplanned downtime
  • MRO tracking and ordering tools
  • Employee training and certification tools
  • Vendor management tools
  • Financial management tools
  • Safety tools
  • Reporting tools
  • Analytic tools

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management?

EAM tools allow your facility to centralize asset data, modernize your maintenance operations, simplify your audits, synch audit data with relevant departments, and streamline your inventory management. These improvements mean that your facility will always have the parts it needs when it needs them and will perform maintenance on the optimal schedule. It will improve interdepartmental asset management coordination. The improved asset management will maximize your asset lifetime, getting more use out of your asset inventory, which will improve return on investment. EAM will help you minimize downtime, which not only saves money but also company reputation. EAM also makes it easy to get your work done from anywhere.

Find Out What EAM Can Do for You

To find out how enterprise asset management can benefit your organization, contact GP MaTe today. We’ll show you how to get started using EAM tools and putting your facility on the road to greater efficiency and higher revenues.