As a business owner, you want to make sure your factory or office runs efficiently and your equipment is in optimal order. This is where maintenance management systems can help. Maintenance management systems have a number of benefits for your business, and the professionals at GPMaTe can help set up a system designed for your business.

What is a Maintenance Management System?

Maintenance management systems are software systems that maintain a company’s maintenance operations. This includes both routine service or upgrades and repairs when equipment goes down. It also includes tracking inventory and spare parts and when those are used for maintenance orders. A maintenance management system can also generate work orders so you don’t have to worry about scheduling repairs.

What are the Benefits of Maintenance Management Systems?

There are several benefits to a maintenance management system. GP MaTe offers a number of packages and can help your business be more efficient and improve workflow. These benefits include:

  1. The life of your assets (equipment) is extended because routine service and repairs are done in a timely manner.
  2. When equipment goes down, the system helps get it up and running again with shorter downtime.
  3. Safety standards/compliance is maintained because repairs are made in a more efficient manner.
  4. Details about the maintenance history of your equipment is stored.
  5. The maintenance management system standardizes routine maintenance and repairs.
  6. Costs are lowered because maintenance management can help reduce costly repairs and downtime.
  7. GP MaTe software can track all your assets and equipment, maintenance scheduling, inventory, engineering, procurement, safety and security.
  8. GP MaTe provides ongoing service and support including training.
  9. Your maintenance management system has mobile operation capabilities to enhance overall workflow.
  10. Optional modules you can include in your GP MaTe package include:
    • Inventory bar codes
    • Portable work order completion
    • Operator e-logs
    • Operator tours
    • Interface with your financial system
    • Change management or MOC (Management of Change)
    • Budgeting for projects.

Contact GP MaTe

As a business owner, you want a system that works for you. Contact GP Mate, today for a live demo of its products and how it can optimize your workflow. Their professionals can discuss maintenance management systems for your operations.