Enterprise Asset Management implicates the organizational controls and maintenance of the physical assets of a business. Throughout the lifetime of each asset, EAM is an essential requirement for the optimizing, planning, tracking, and executing of the maintenance. The maintenance activities encompass the construction, design, commissioning, decommissioning, replacement, or maintenance of the facilities, plant, and equipment.

The Difference between Enterprise Asset Management and a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

The management of an asset’s life cycle is complete when using a holistic approach with Enterprise Asset Management Software. The process consists of the operations, planning, disposal, and procurement of the company’s assets. In contrast, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are mostly utilized for the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

GP-MaTe is a Maintenance Management System with the necessary tools for managing your capital and production. These tools are utilized by world-class organizations for the automation of assorted duties.

Industries that are dependent on how their assets are available and users rely on an EAM system. EAM’s vision is to regulate and allow the performance of an asset. Once done, a business can lower its expenses and maximize its asset usability. EAM also works well at advancing and augmenting the workflow’s efficiency and quality.

The benefits of using EAM for an organization

It does not matter what type of enterprise you operate. Whether the business is manufacturing beer bottles, or elevators, to shopping malls and generating electricity, EAM is beneficial.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) assists in the optimization of company assets. It also preserves the financial securities for both the long and short term of your business.

GP MaTe Can Help

Find out more about how GP MaTe can help your organization with their User-friendly system of material and maintenance management. We have several dialects available, and assistance with converting a vendor’s currency.

When you are looking for maintenance support that is simultaneous and has a set of integrated tools, GP MaTe is here. GP MaTe can also assist with the insurance of safe activities at all plants and facilities, and the engineering of the entire organization. Find out more about how we can assist with the entire enterprise–from operations to maintenance.