Enterprise Asset Management refers to a combination of software, systems, and practices that plant managers and business owners can use to analyze, maintain, and control operational assets throughout their lifecycle. It essentially involves asset maintenance, work management, and planning and scheduling, as well as environmental, safety, and health initiatives and supply chain management. A comprehensive EAM setup allows large businesses to gain insightful data regarding their assets’ historical and present state. This can help the plant managers improve uptime, maximize asset use and quality, reduce operational costs, and ultimately boost productivity.

Enterprise Asset Management Versus Computerized Maintenance Management System

Collectively, EAM and CMMS systems are categorized as maintenance management software. Although the features of both processes may overlap, plant managers can distinguish them by focusing on the primary intent of each process. A Computerized Maintenance Management System is an enterprise business software that can help companies automate and improve their asset maintenance operations. While CMMS software often focuses on maintenance, the EAM process encompasses diverse business functions.

Other differences between the two software include the fact that a CMMS starts monitoring assets after purchase and installation. At the same time, EAM tools track them throughout their lifecycle, starting from the procurement stage. Additionally, CMMS is designed to manage one location or provide limited multi-location support, whereas EAM software features unique tools that support effective asset management in different or multiple locations.

How Plant Managers can Benefit from Enterprise Asset Management

With the right EAM system in place, plant managers and business owners can improve their preventive maintenance capabilities, consequently resulting in saved time, increased asset efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

Enterprise Asset Management can also help organizations maximize asset lifetime, streamline inventory management practices, extend asset lifecycle, and boost remote asset management capabilities. Additionally, EAM software can streamline internal audits, minimize downtime, consolidate asset data, and revolutionize asset maintenance operations.

GP MaTe Can Provide Comprehensive EAM Solutions

GP MaTe is a user-friendly maintenance and material management system ideal for maintenance planning and inventory control. Our system features various optional modules that support Budgeting, Safety, Operator Tours, Data Collection, and Multi-plant Information Sharing. We also offer EAM solutions that can help any size organization effectively manage its assets throughout its lifecycle. Our EAM process typically entails preventive, predictive, and corrective programs as well as failure analysis. Get in touch today to learn more!