As a business owner, you want to make sure your operation is running smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance of your equipment is critical to effective operations, and having the parts needed for maintenance and repairs is essential. How can critical spare parts management make your operations more efficient and improve profits? You can learn about critical spare parts management by contacting GP MaTe, for your business needs.

What are Critical Spare Parts?

Critical spare parts are those parts kept on-hand or in your inventory that can be accessed immediately when equipment breaks. These parts must remain available at all times without having to order or wait on them to reduce downtime and productivity/profit loss. When designating the importance of spare parts, critical spare parts are at the top of the priority list.

Learning Which Parts are Critical Spare Parts

How do you determine which parts are critical spare parts? GP MaTe will perform a strategic evaluation of your equipment and the components to determine what could cause shutdowns and profit loss. By completing this evaluation, you know which parts to prioritize; therefore, you can have these parts always available in the event of a shutdown. You also know what routine maintenance parts are key.

Equipment Failure History

The strategic evaluation also determines how often the equipment has shut down and how critical the equipment is to your overall operations. By examining the history of the equipment, you have a better understanding of what could go wrong and what critical spare parts you need.

Inventory Management Solutions

GP MaTe offers your business a critical spare parts inventory management system custom to your operation. Whether your industry is manufacturing, service, processing or power production, GP MaTe can develop a critical spare parts management system that will allow you to quickly repair broken machinery and resume operations rapidly and safely. The critical spare parts management system can order replacement critical parts immediately when they are removed from inventory for future use. GP MaTe also works with multinational companies with systems in multiple languages.

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