Safety is one of the primary concerns for a maintenance organization. From an EAMS / CMMS point of view, there are several points of focus for ensuring proper steps are taken to maximize safe operations. Primarily:

  • Ensure that proper procedures are followed
  • Provide rapid linking to safety information (e.g. MSDS information)
  • Force safety procedures for specific tasks or equipment access (e.g. Lock-out Tag-out, Confined Space Permits)
  • Screen all activities for PSM or Management of Change Impacts
  • Immediately act upon operator tour inspection information found out of specification

Linking of Procedures to Assets and Tasks

GP MaTe supports the linking of maintenance procedures or safety procedures to your assets, in either an optional mode (depending upon task being performed) or a mandatory mode. Any time a work order package is generated for the maintenance staff, the mandatory or selected procedures will become part of that package.

Procedures in GP MaTe contain information required to prepare for the task, perform the task, as well as any pre-startup or inspection requirements after the completion of the task. These procedures can also contain Lock-out Tag-out steps.

PSM and Management of Change (MOC)

GP MaTe has an Optional Module that integrates a robust MOC system into the maintenance process. Any work for a PSM covered asset will trigger an MOC Qualification Questionnaire and, if triggered, the creation of an MOC Action prior to work initiation.

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Operator Tours (TourMaTe)

GP MaTe provides for a powerful, and flexible, operator tour module. This module permits operators to use portable devices to take various readings during their shift. Limits can be identified on any of these readings so that an alert (via email or internal to GP MaTe) will be triggered if found to exceed this limit.

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