User Login Security

Providing a secure user environment is extremely important to protecting the value of the information, ensure safety procedures are followed and to addressing auditing requirements. Each user must log into GP MaTe with a username and password. These can be validated against your corporate network security. Once this level of security is passed, the user is granted a security profile which contains their access and rights while within GP MaTe.

The security profile, for each user, contains the following information:

  • Menu Access Rights – a set of parameters that are used by GP MaTe to limit access to menu (or shortcut icons) options.
  • Form Access Rights – these are parameters that define or limit what data elements within any form or screen that the user will have view, modify or delete rights. These parameters also limit access to functions within these forms.
  • Functions Rights – permissions for functions or limits to functions that apply to multiple menu options. For example, a supervisor might be granted a specific monetary limit for work order approval, that can also be limited to specific departments or cost centers.

User Skills and Training / Certifications

The employee information for each user typically assigns a skill level (via a craft code) as well as being able to identify various training and certifications attained by the user. Reports are then available (or alerts) to notify supervisors or users when certifications are up for renewal.

Routing and Alerts

The Routing and Alerts work flow layer in GP MaTe uses employee information to determine if the user is notified of an action required via the alert function within GP MaTe or via an external email (or both).