Project Planning and Budgeting via Work Order Management

An important task for engineering project planning is the development of project plans and the tasks required to carry out these plans. GP MaTe supports the creation of Projects, to which work orders can be planned and procurement actions associated. So engineering can, for example, create a project to install a new process line. They can then create the many work orders required, including external contractor tasks, create the Purchase Orders for the materials and services, and then schedule the tasks to complete the plan.

In addition, the project plan can be used as the budget for the project. GP MaTe will then track all costs against this project down to the work order management task level and purchase order line item.

There is also an option to export a plan to project management software, such as Microsoft Project or Primavera’s SureTrak and P6 products.

Equipment Performance and Reliability

Being able to track the performance of your organization’s assets and optimize reliability are two areas where engineering must rely on feedback from the maintenance organization. GP MaTe was designed to enhance this feedback through ease of use and structured feedback mechanisms. It has been our experience that maintenance staff will only provide good information on actions taken and problems found if this is easy to do and valid (useful) responses are provided for them to select from instead of expecting accurate keyboarding of information.

GP MaTe makes use of Equipment Type codes on equipment to limit options for the user to use in identifying failure codes and actions taken.

Various reports are available to help engineers locate “bad actors” among the assets being controlled, as well as detailed history of all problems and actions taken. This can then form the basis for implementing new preventive or predictive measures, or to re-engineer the process.

Change Management Software and Management of Change (MOC)

GP MaTe has an MOC Module available that integrates into the work order management system. This module was designed to provide a full range of capabilities to identify tasks that should be covered by an MOC, as well as manage the whole MOC process.

The MOC Module is flexible in setup, and supports an unlimited number of checklists that can be designated as required prior to work order approval, prior to work order completion, and for start-up testing.