Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS)

EAMS solutions are tools used to better enable your organization to optimize the availability, performance and cost of ownership of your assets. These tools exceed traditional CMMS systems by bringing together and integrating all aspects of asset management, not only at one site, but throughout the enterprise.

Functions Performed by an EAMS

The various functions provided or supported by an EAMS solutions can be broken down into the following integrated areas.

Asset & Equipment

An EAMS system is a repository for all the information about your assets, be them pieces of equipment or dorm rooms. Some of this information would be entered by the organization when starting up a software system, but other, more valuable information is automatically generated by the EAMS as time goes by based upon maintenance and production activities.


Work Orders are used as the backbone of most EAMS systems, GP MaTe included. A work order controls the actions taken by the maintenance, and sometimes operation, staff. Work orders are generated automatically by Preventive Maintenance Definitions, operators entering Problem Reports, engineers planning major interventions or maintenance supervisors and staff planning actions to correct problems.


There are two main uses of the EAMS by engineering. One is to be able to plan and budget large projects, procure materials and manage the whole process. Whether the need is to support the addition of a new process line, upgrade a set of classrooms, or manage a major shutdown, GP MaTe has the tools to support these activities.


The control of spare parts is critical to the success of an operation or organization. Having the correct spare part available saves time and money in production metrics. Managing the stocking levels can save considerable money by optimizing stock on hand and procurement actions. To do this effectively, the storeroom manager must be able to measure usage rates and understand safety stock, as well as vendor performance.


A major component of spare parts inventory control is being able to define stocking levels and replenishment actions. GP MaTe supports several reorder calculation methods to determine when a spare part needs to be reordered. Non-stock ordering is also supported, with both Purchase Requisitions (with monetary approval limits) and Purchase Orders available depending upon your business processes.

Personnel & Security

When a user logs into the EAMS, they will have access to only those functional areas for which they have been granted access. With GP MaTe, access is restricted in three secure ways: Menu Level Access, Screen Level Access and Functional Access.


Safety is a main concern for a maintenance operation. GP MaTe has integrated safety into all aspects of its functions. For example, GP MaTe makes use of a Procedures repository where lock-out tag-out or other safety procedures can be generated and stored. If any of these procedures are linked to a specific asset as required, the procedure will be made an integral part of any work packages that affect that specific asset.