As COVID-19 continues to have a global impact, businesses are searching for a number of ways to continue daily operations while keeping employees and customers safe. One of the key features of a successful business is its asset management system. Covid has had a definite impact on asset management, and you may be asking how it has specifically impacted your asset management system, if at all. The professionals at MATE PCS can help you assess your system and minimize the impact Covid has on your business. Below are some of the ways Covid is creating challenges for businesses in 2021.

Your Asset Management System in 2021


With the work force now split between on-site workers and remote workers, sometimes it is hard to collaborate with each other to get the daily tasks completed. Meetings must be a hybrid model of both in person and virtual to maintain safety and get information passed efficiently. Without the proper assets to conduct virtual meetings, remote employees may not be up to date on trends, needs, or expectations from the company.


With Covid causing more workers to telework, the needs for companies to supply the proper equipment for remote working increases. With that demand for more work at home equipment comes greater risk of the equipment being broken or going missing. Companies need a strong asset management system to keep track of equipment both on and offsite.


Covid is not only creating more teleworkers, it is also impacting manufacturing of physical products. To increase social distancing and employee safety, companies changed production methods slowing down the process. Also, workers who become ill with Covid must quarantine, and those who have been in close contact must also quarantine until they either have a negative Covid test or do not develop symptoms.

Supply Chains

Covid has caused a number of disruptions to the supply chain. As with production, Covid quarantines can disrupt supply chains if delivery drivers, transport workers and warehouse employees are out due to a positive test or symptoms of Covid.

Asset Management System Considerations from MATE PCS

Overall, Covid-19 is changing the way businesses operate and creating unique challenges for businesses. Contact the professionals at MATE PCS for a professional assessment of your asset management system and for ways to improve and mitigate the effects of Covid.